About Us

We are the jewelry repair experts, since 1967

Our story started in 1967 when Joseph DeRosa as a young man started the business DeRosa of Boston Jewelers in the Jewelers Exchange Building in Downtown, Boston MA

In the early days, Joseph mainly did repairs for the trade; providing other jewelers with basic jewelry repair services. As the business grew, Joseph expanded the business to include DeRosa of Boston Jewelers in Plaistow, NH where he operated the business until his retirement in 2007

Carlos (RR), Grace-Spouce (RL), Chantel-Daughter(FL)& Cameron-Son (FR); 2015 - New Hampshire

Carlos Alberto

Carlosl (Carl) is a third generation jeweler who learned the craft from his father and grandfather at an early age in Leiria, Portugal

At the age of 10, Carl immigrated to the US where his family settled in Fall River, MA. In these early years adjusting to a new culture and language, Carl dove into his obsession of teaching himself how to draw portraits in pencil and to paint using oil from studying books of the old masters which he got fro the Public Library in Fall River. Carl was a gifted artist at this early age, winning many awards at local competitions and showing. Carl primarily loved to do portraits in pencil where he could easily obtain a likeness of the subject. Still today on of Carl' favorite past times is drawing.

In 1986, Carls second year in college, he was exposed to the new world of computers. Carl say's "I was instantly hook.. it immediately became another one of my obsessions; just like drawing and painting". In the years that followed, Carl built hundreds of computers and taught himself just about anything he could learn regarding computers; "there hasn't been a day since that computers have not been a part of my daily life".

Upon graduating college with an aviation degree; Flight Training, Carl joined the Management Training Program with Service Merchandise, the nations leading jeweler at the time, becoming the companies youngest jewelry manager in the companies history. With Carls deep knowledge of the industry, his ability to connect with people, Carl moved through the ranks as one of the companies top performing managers.

In 2000 Carl left Service Merchandise to start his first venture in Derry, NH which he named 'Princess Jewelers' after his daughter Chantel; his 'little princess', as he put it. In the years that followed, Carl Started several other jewelry related businesses, Chantel Jewelers in Lowell, MA in 2002. In 2007 Carl took over operation of DeRosa of Boston Jewelers located in Plaistow, NH.

After all, isn't it every little girl's dream to be a princess...

C Alberto

Today, Carl has combined his love of art, his obsession with computers and his deep knowledge and understanding of the jewelry industry to provide his customers and others in the industry with an uncompromising high level of skill for jewelry services to the public as well as to the trade.

"Our focus is primarily to provide integrity and value to the customer. We understand that choosing the right jeweler to work on your valuables can be a traumatic experience for many people, that is why I'm always available to take calls and answer any questions or concerns from customers. It's my number one priority. We are more interested in making the customer happy than we are in making a sale. I strongly believe that with happy customers, the rest will follow".